Delatite Brittanys

Grooming a Brittany


Brittanys can be left with their natural coat or given a show groom/trim, it's really personal preference. We prefer to keep our dogs coats show trimmed, keeping them ultra low maintenance, whether we are actively showing them at the time or not.

The breed does shed, but are single coated, having no undercoat, so the coat is pretty easy to maintain. All that is needed is a regular brushover to remove any debris. When they do get dirty we find the mud/dirt once dried, easily comes away, not staying put like some breeds.

Below is a pic showing the difference between show groomed and natural. This was Jimmy's lovely brother Oakley before and after when he stayed for a holiday with us and we gave him a trim. 


Our breeder at Tobenlee Kennels was great teaching us how to show groom.


****There are also good videos on the internet that show grooming in detail.

Below is USA's Sovereign Brittanys  informative video, it's lengthy but very extremly helpful.



Another helpful page for grooming your dog is "Brittany Grooming".




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