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Our love of dogs began as children, with Cheryl growing up along side the family's German Shepherd "Max" and Paul with the family's Jack Russel "Sam".

Early married life we shared with our beloved Rottweilers, a breed we still hold a big soft spot for. For many years we enjoyed our big gentle giants -Rommel, Astrid and Zeus, always being a part of our everyday lives, going on outings and holidays with us, to dog school, ( where Paul was an obedience instructor at our local dog club -Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club) and also entering  in obedience and show competitions.

 Matt and Lauren our kids came arrived and they enjoyed growing up along side our beautiful family dogs.

When our last Rottweiler passed away,  we decided to make a new start with a smaller breed, that would fit easier in the family car with 2 growing kids- they take up a lot of rom!  We chose a Staffordshire Bull Terrier - A breed we still adore also. Somewhat similar in many ways to our previous Rottweilers, a tough little lovable larikan, but in a much smaller package.

Quinn was the first to arrive and later Tillie. Our Staffods together enjoyed our busy family life for many years, with many happy memories, especially of  lovely beach holidays up the coast with them. Quinn also went on to gain 2 obedience titles, CCD and CD and an Endurance Title to his credit. He has also gained points towards his show title. Tillie also went on to gain her Endurance Title and show points too.

After many years together, our Staffords both passed, sadly sircuming to cancer. We then decided on a fresh start. After a lot of reseach we found the versaile Brittany sounded perfect for us. We really liked what we read and so contacted a nearby breeder so we could actually meet some of the dogs in person. After a visit to esteemed kennels of Tobenlee, meeting their beautiful dogs, us asking lots of questions and them giving us lots of helpful information and advice, we were hooked. We put our names on a puppy waiting list and soon along came our first Brittany "Jimmy".

"Jimmy" has been a wonderful introduction for us to the Brittany world. With his beautiful nature and aptitude for training we have so far had a great time with him, both in family life and competion.  As well as enjoying our family outings and holidays, we have enjoyed partaking in dog obedience, rally, endurance and show competitions. All that meet Jimmy adore his sweet gentle nature.

He has so far obtained his Australian Show Champion, CCD Obedience, Rally Novice Obedience and Endurance Titles, with hopefully more adventures and titles to come.

Next to come along is our sweet little pocket rocket "Josie" . She arrived a  couple of years later  from renowned Sydney kennels-  Kirinbell.  After discussions with her breeder we were accepted as suitable  future puppy owners and went on their puppy list. Since Josie arrived there has never a dull moment at home for us. Super inquisitive and a boundless supply of energy, she keeps us on our toes with plenty of laughs along the way as she enjoys our family life.

Josie is also doing well with her obedience and showing, climbing up the levels at dog school and gaining points towards her Show Champion Title. This has been somewhat restricted of late due Covid virus occuring and stopping all events, but we are keen to get back to it when restrictions allow. We look forward to sharing Josie's achievements also.

Both our breeders have been great helping us along the way with lots of valuable information and advice on anything Brittany and continue to do so, for which we are eternally grateful. 

We hope in turn we can also help and guide others as we continue to enjoy our beloved Brittanys.

Thanks for stopping by.

Paul and Cheryl

Delatite Brittanys

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